High quality requires expertise.
The industrial standard today is DIN EN ISO 13485. Our methods of manufacturing and our processes of production are geared to a great level of performace. These standards are applied during the development and designing phase. During the entire production period the processes are checked and refined continuously.

Designed by Specialists

We bring together the expectations and requirements concerning the standards and technical feasibilities according to our customers´ expectations. Our testing confirms the compliance of our products. Therefore it is necessary to realize that quality starts with the design.

The perfect process

The monitoring of the manufacturing processes ensures consistent high quality which our customers expect. During the prototype production we already plan and develop the manufacturing processes. Quality is the most important part in producing cable systems.

Customized testing

Our modern testing facilities allow us to perform customized testing procedures. Each and every cable is tested 100 percent in the final inspection process. Here we check all electrical and optical requirements of the cable specification. This ensures the quality and safety of our products.

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DIN EN ISO 13485
UL – Wiring Harnesses