Our in-house-production guarantees high quality products

Short distances and quick decisions are extremely essential for us as a specialist for customized cable systems.
The development and production is entirely located at our companies headquarter in Germany. Skilled, qualified and motivated employees as well as our state of the art machinery enable us to monitor and adjust the production processes as needed.

Tooldesign and construction

The perfect tool for every product. The inhouse tool´construction and toolshop secure our independence. Our own toolshop allows us to maintain and quickly repair our production tools. We also have the capability to manufacture all kinds of complex injection molding tools on site.

Production and Assembly

Besides our modern machinery our skilled manual labour is an important part of our production. In order to secure a consistent and reproducible quality we use state of the art machinery for cable cutting, resin potting, point welding, ultrasonic welding and several crimping procedures.

Injection Molding

14 semi- and 3 fully automated injection molding machines are in use day and night. With our wide range of technical plastics we fulfil the most complex customer requirements. Our injection molding capabilities bring your product into the perfect form.

Final Inspection

Each product is completely and uniquely tested. We use electrical and visual inspection procedures to confirm and secure the product´s 100 % quality. If you require a special or individual final inspection, let us know.