Knowhow is our Standard

You have already finalized your cable specification and are in need of expert advice or require a unique idea, Bernd Richter GmbH is the right partner for you. We develop individual and customized cable systems in accordance to your requirement. Our long term knowledge in our core markets, i.e. medical, defence and industrial applications helps us meet your custom requirements for cable and connector systems.

The First Idea

Your first ideas are visualized by our first basic concept. Our long-term experience and expertise help us to realize product ideas. Already at this phase we take into consideration your requirements concerning i.e. mating cycles, defibrillation proof, flex life cycles, autoclavability, shielding etc.

3D Design

Based on our customer’s first sketch a detailed 3D concept is developed. This 3D Design is used as the base for prototyping and tooling.


The view of the 3 D-Design becomes reality with the first prototype. With prototypes we simulate the operation purpose of the product and its fitting accuracy. The touch and geometry of the product becomes concrete. We use the following techniques:

  • Stereolithography (SLA)
  • Vacuum cast
  • 3-Dimensional-Print


Our new and completely outfitted inhouse tooling department enables us to produce complex tools for individual connector and cable systems. In order to react faster to our customers tool requirements we built our own tool shop and tool construction at our headquarter a few years ago.